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Whats on??? 

These events are what you make of them!


You wanna just sit and watch? Go for it!


You want to attend every single workshop and go crazy making friends??? Go for it!


Somewhere inbetween?? Go for it!!


Here's a taste of some of the main things happening throughout the day. 


Remember! Theres also circus stalls Butterfingers and LazyJuggler, for all your circus-y, boardgame-y buying needs! Just learnt a new skill and want to practise it more? These guys will get you the best deals on the best range of equipment!


There'll be food on site, provided by Appleby Grammar School's Cultural Exchange, they'll have some tasty burgers and cool drinks for you guys, with all proceeds going to their South Africa exchange trip! Neat-o!


Learn anything!


Beginner to expert.


Juggling to acrobatics.


The workshops are put on by all kinds of people. Some are hobby jugglers, or people in the community willing to share and teach.


Some workshops will be run by the international guests we have, giving you a once in a life time chance to learn from some of the best circus artists in the world!


The Games are a highpoint of any convention.


The best of the best compete to show off their skills of endurance and ability.


But theres also lots of fun games for those just learning, and silly games for kids too!


Prizes to be won! Sights to be seen! Records to be broken???


Not to be missed!

Gala Show

The first ever Cumbria Juggling Convention deserves a world class show to top it all off.


Included in the ticket will be an evenings entertainment that showcases the very best of our British Jugglers. From near and far (including our own local juglers!)         Happening at Centre 67 in town.


As a special treat Appleby will be host to some international performers, some of the highest regarded jugglers the world has to offer will decend on our little town!


Prepare your eyes for the wonder of the circus!

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